Turkish Turkey aims to deepen ties with Azerbaijan, Tatar says

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ersin Tatar said on Sunday that he hoped the cultural, economic and social ties between the TRNC and Azerbaijan would develop at all levels and be politically fruitful.

In the TRNC, a “World Day of Solidarity with Azerbaijanis on December 31” and a New Year’s event were organized. Tatar in his speech at the event said he was happy to participate in such an event and celebrate the holiday.

“We, as the son of a great nation, are of course one nation, three states. Our flags are a torch and an expression of our independence, power and freedom from Turks around the world. Congratulations to all our Azerbaijani brothers. Your victory in Karabakh was also our victory, “he said.

Stressing that Turkish Cypriots have suffered a lot on the island, Tatar said they did not give up during this process and trust their homeland, Turkey.

Tatar, stressing that the TRNC is a Turkish state and nation in the Eastern Mediterranean, conveyed greetings to all the Azerbaijani people.

The island of Cyprus is mired in a decades-long struggle between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, despite a series of diplomatic efforts by the United Nations to reach a comprehensive settlement. The island has been divided since 1964 when ethnic attacks forced Turkish Cypriots to retreat to enclaves for their safety. In 1974, a Greek Cypriot coup aimed at annexing Greece led to Turkey’s military intervention as the guarantor power. The TRNC was founded in 1983. Turkey is the only country that officially recognizes the TRNC as a separate and independent state.

In commemoration of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s birthday on December 24, Tatar said, “He (Aliyev) will certainly have a message for us in the near future.

“I know that our Azerbaijani brothers are deeply devoted to us. Everywhere I have met our Azerbaijani brothers in the world, I saw that their hearts were with us and our hearts with them. It also made me very happy. I hope that the cultural, economic and social ties between us will develop with all kinds of human relations and will be crowned politically, ”he added.

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