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The President of the Republic, Mr. Nicos Anastasiadis, took part today in a preparatory teleconference convened by the President of the European Council, Mr. Charles Michel, with a view to the next summit in Brussels which will address, among other things, the situation in Ukraine , the issue of energy and EU security and defence.

Turkey‘s refusal to comply with EU sanctions is not only selfish, but undermines the intended impact of the sanctions.” -Anastasiades

The teleconference also brought together the Prime Ministers of Sweden, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland.

During his speech, President Anastasiadis underlined Cyprus’ solidarity with Ukraine and its people as well as its support for the diplomatic efforts to end the Russian attack. He also mentioned the situation of Ukrainian refugees and the fact that Cyprus is one of the EU Member States which hosts refugees from Ukraine and provides them with the necessary assistance.

The President of the Republic also referred to the sanctions imposed and argued that at this time everyone should focus mainly on filling the gaps in relation to their implementation, noting that the most important gaps in terms sanctions concern third countries such as Turkey. He pointed out that Turkey’s refusal to comply with EU sanctions is not only selfish but undermines the intended impact of the sanctions. While Turkey continues to militarily occupy a part of Cyprus, which is under its absolute control, the circumvention of sanctions on its part has a huge impact on Cyprus.

In addition, President Anastasiadis addressed the major issue of food security, given the dependence on imported cereals from Russia and Ukraine and the shortages that may arise.

The President of the Republic agreed on the need for an in-depth discussion by EU leaders on how to deal effectively with rising prices.

Finally, he added that Cyprus, in cooperation with the countries of the region, will be able to contribute effectively to the energy independence of the EU by supplying the European market with energy through electricity interconnection projects.

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