Turkey expels the first group of Syrian refugees from the Girê Spi border post – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The human rights organization, Afrin – Syria, said on its official page on virtual networking sites that the Turkish occupation authorities have deported the first group of Syrian refugees to be deported to Syria, indicating that they expelled about 100 people from the city gate of Girê Spi / Tal Abyad in northern and eastern Syria; implement the colonization operations announced by Erdogan in mid-April.

The Turkish colonization project is described as the most dangerous Turkish project aimed at dividing Syria and changing the demographics of the occupied areas in preparation for annexation to the Turkish state.

Turkey had already done the same in Sanjak of Alexandretta when he separated it from Syria in 1939, following the policy of Turkification and cultural erasure against the indigenous peoples.

The Turkish occupation state continues to exploit the silence of the international community and the use of Syrian refugees residing in its lands, in addition to changing the demographics of the occupied areas, in particular Afrin, with the participation of associations and of Gulf organizations with the aim of separating it from the rest of the other Syrian regions.

Following statements made by officials of the Turkish occupation state about plans to resettle one million Syrian refugees in the occupied areas, the occupied Turkish state has accelerated the pace of its attacks on the north -eastern Syria in order to move its population to prepare the ground for its settlement project.



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