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The Cuban Missile Crisis happened 60 years ago this October. Joe Biden has no idea of ​​the underlying issues in the story, or his administration could learn a lesson. Our senior diplomat in charge of Russia, Anthony Blinken, was 6 months old at the time, so he may be as clueless as Joe.

The story goes that when U-2 spy planes discovered Russian missiles in Cuba, Kennedy told Khrushchev to get out. Russia blinked as it ran into a US naval blockade and moved the missiles out of Cuba. This is the version Joe Biden heard, along with the rest of the United States

The fact is that Kennedy gave no credence to Khrushchev’s in-person demands that the United States remove Eisenhower’s Jupiter missiles from Turkey, which were within striking distance of the Soviet Union. This crisis noted the Kennedy administration, but, at the time, it forgot 50,000 Russian soldiers in civilian clothes, capable of deploying ballistic missiles to Florida and the Gulf States, not to mention the Soviet submarine Foxtrot armed with nuclear missiles. Russian ships never approached within 750 miles of the US military blockade. This is further than the “blink distance”. What defused the situation was that Kennedy agreed to withdraw the Jupiter missiles from Turkey and the Soviets backed down.

The situation is similar today. The Russians are compromised with potential Western armaments too close to Mother Russia. It’s up to “Baby” Blinken to find out. Joe is of no help. Are those of NATO also ignorant?

Fred Stuart

Grand Junction

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