Iranian actress Nazanin Bahrami arrested after signing statement against sexual violence

AL-MUKALLA: The Iran-backed Houthis have brutally tortured and placed abducted model Entesar Al-Hammadi in solitary confinement in Sanaa, government officials have warned.

The Houthis abducted the model and actress early last year after abducting her and a friend from a Sanaa street.

After her abduction, the militia tortured Al-Hammadi, subjected her to a virginity test and locked her alone in an isolated cell in the political security prison of Sanaa. She was later sentenced to five years in prison for prostitution and drug trafficking.

The model strongly denied the allegations and warned that she had been removed for her refusal to work with the group.

This week, a Houthi kidnapper, Um Zaid, brutally attacked Al-Hammadi with electric wires, leaving bruises to his face and body. It came after the model was found chewing khat, a natural stimulant widely consumed in Yemen.

Al-Hammadi was found outside her cell, a Sanaa source told Arab News by phone.

Al-Hammadi’s treatment drew condemnation from Yemeni activists, journalists, government officials and lawyers who jointly called on the Houthis to release the model immediately.

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said the Houthis subjected the model to “enforced disappearance, psychological and physical torture” and “unlawfully sentenced her to five years in prison when she refused to work with militia prostitution rings to entrap political and media figures”. .”

Al-Eryani accused the Houthis of violating religious and tribal norms that grant immunity to women in such circumstances.

“The international community, the UN and human rights organizations fighting against violence against women are called upon to condemn the crimes committed by the Houthi terrorist militia against Yemeni women, and to put pressure on its leaders to immediately and unconditionally release artist Entesar Al-Hammadi, and hundreds of forcibly disappeared people,” the Yemeni minister said on Twitter.

Likewise, dozens of Yemeni activists, journalists, writers, judges, lawyers and scholars have written a joint petition on social media to condemn the Houthi kidnappers for abusing the model, demanding her immediate release.

“She is beaten and mistreated in Sanaa Central Jail because she has no supporters or intercessors within the Houthi authority in Sanaa… Al-Hammadi is a young woman in her twenties and is the sole breadwinner of his former blind Yemeni father and elderly Ethiopian mother,” the petition reads.

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