Çiya Kurd: Turkey is looking for a new plan for northeast Syria

Bedran Çiya Kurd, co-chairman of the Department of External Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, spoke with the ANF about possible developments that may arise in Syria after the displacement of the mercenaries of Tehrir al -Sham to the regions occupied by the Turks. State. Çiya Kurd said that the deployment of HTS gangs in other areas under Turkish occupation will evolve into new conflicts. He also shared information on the roadmap to be followed by the regions of the autonomous administration.

The clashes that erupted in occupied Afrin were followed by the deployment of Hayat Tehrir al-Sham gangs in the area. What drove these developments in the region?

Events in the region, especially in Afrin, are comprehensive and multifaceted. The aim is to make Hayat Tehrir al-Sham’s gangs fight against the SDF by passing ground zero agreements and threats with the Syrian regime in Idlib to the SDF and autonomous administration regions. This scenario is also part of Turkey‘s deal with the government in Damascus. Again, this is an attempt to liquidate small groups with which Turkey has ideological disagreements. What has been done is the continued conversion of the occupied areas and their surroundings into the Islamic emirate of ISIS.

We are faced with a practical situation that is leading to dangerous and serious changes that directly affect the political solution and reconciliation in Syria. All this is an attempt by Turkey to deal a fatal blow to the efforts for a political solution. We are in the presence of a project supported by the Turkish State in general, which aims at a new demographic mutation, a genocide by occupation and the displacement of the populations of the region. We are following events closely. The situation will become clearer in the future. The silence of the international and regional powers signifies the approval of the project of which Turkey speaks.

So what is the reason for the silence against the capture of these regions by the al-Qaeda extension Hayat Tehrir al-Sham (HTS) when it is on the list of terrorist organizations?

We said that Turkey has prepared a plan for its efforts to approach the gangs that support the regime and its policy in Syria. If we talk about the list of terrorist organizations, the group named Ehrar Al Şarqiye is also a group included in the list of terrorist organizations. Despite this, Turkey supports this organization so far. Turkey does not respect international law and agreements. In fact, the occupation’s approach and its support for terrorist groups are the biggest indicators of the violation of the law.

Clashes and conflicts are constantly taking place in the occupied areas, and civilians are reported to have lost their lives. Who is responsible for resolving the situation in these regions?

We need to understand the reasons. This situation is the result of the occupation of the Turkish state and its support for gangs. As long as there is support for the occupation and the terrorists, we will face these developments. Perhaps today the situation has reached the stage of liquidation and taxation. Those who supported these groups, seeing Turkey as the best option for them, will one day be the target of the same policy. The best solution is to end the Turkish occupation and eliminate the gangs from these areas. The role of public opinion and international powers should be to put an end to the presence of Turkey, which is an obstacle to a solution in Syria. However, unfortunately, since Turkey is part of regional politics and is the main factor in many cases, the measures taken to get Turkey out of the region are insufficient. Another solution is for the Syrian people to come together and see the insecurity of Turkish politics. Turkey’s presence here means continued future chaos and destruction.

Abu Tavfik al Deri, one of the leaders of the SMO, said that Turkey, which reached an agreement with Russia, is responsible for these clashes. It was also reported that the HTS mercenaries were preparing for new invasion attacks with the transfer to the regions of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Do you have information?

There are many opinions and analyzes on the subject. We are following events closely. This situation in Afrin will undoubtedly affect other occupied regions as well. Turkey’s spread of Hayat Tehrir al-Sham gangs in the occupied areas in proportion to the developments will lead to new conflicts.

What roadmap will you follow?

Our situation is no different from other processes. Once again we are faced with a Turkish invasion plan. However, the role has changed. We insist on the decision to liberate our occupied areas, especially Afrin.

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