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Ilham Ahmed assessed Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria and the risks of its expansionist policy in the region. She also criticized NATO’s alignment with the anti-Kurdish Turkish state.

Ahmed also spoke about the state of emergency that was declared in northeast Syria on July 6 and explained that “it will not be temporary”.

The head of the executive body of the Syrian Democratic Council told our agency: “Turkish threats are not new and they will not cease as long as its electoral and other policies depend on wars, conquests and bloodshed.”

Ilham Ahmed highlighted NATO‘s support for the Turkish occupation state, which puts the genocide of the Kurds at the center of its strategic orientations, and said: “It (Turkey) derives its strength from NATO as she always strives to achieve her goals. Ottoman dream, and that he sees in the Lausanne agreement. It is unfair to him, and therefore seeks to correct the course of Lausanne, and to create a new fait accompli which he imposes on the will of the international community”, stressing: “These threats can only be stopped by ending to its hostile policies and limiting its expansionist programs, helping to solve internal problems in Turkey through genuine dialogue and ceasing to support Turkey militarily, as it often uses it to confront defeated peoples.

On the results of the last NATO meeting in Madrid on June 28, and the relationship between its date and previous dates when Sheikh Said was executed and leader Abdullah Ocalan was sentenced, Ilham Ahmed confirmed: “Erdogan has talked about winning big victories in the meeting, and made it into electoral propaganda material, with which he addressed Turkish public opinion, wanted to reassure the Turkish street before the electoral campaign period, in particular on the question of “terrorism”, certainly won a victory when everyone agreed to keep the PKK on the “terrorist list” until 2030, just to satisfy Turkey and encourage it to stay on the side of NATO to give up its stubbornness in rejecting Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO.

NATO has remained within its classic framework”

Ahmed highlights the repercussions of the agreement on the internal situation of Sweden and Finland. Moreover, by signing the tripartite agreement, he created internal problems for the two countries, in contradiction with their constitution in the field of human rights and the protection of democracies. It should be noted that it was unreasonable for Turkey to interfere, which is a member of NATO at this point, in the internal affairs of other candidate countries. It also became clear that NATO remained within its classic framework in its unipolar policies, and through its concern to preserve the Turkish role as well, it remained classic and would lose a great deal as it depends on a fragile state with a pragmatic administration. It puts the interests of the State at the service of the power of a man for the benefit of which NATO invests.

She continued: “As for the date of the summit, I don’t know. There may be a connection between these dates for the Kurdish people, and they may make sense when you look at the essentials, the execution of the Sheikh Saeed Biran, the trial of leader Abdullah Ocalan for life, and keeping him on the ‘terrorist list’ on the same day. This is a repeat of history and a continuation of the genocide against the Kurdish people.”

The description of terrorism applies to Turkey

On Turkey’s requests from Sweden and Finland to put the YPG on the “terrorist list”, and its impact on the autonomous administration’s relations with the two countries, Ilham underlined “the considerable efforts of Erdogan to put the YPG and the Democratic Union Party on the “terrorist list”, but he did not succeed, in this regard, we see that we must define terrorism, if we are going to talk about the killers of children who are terrorists, then this description applies to the Turkish state with all its successive governments, and if we are talking about burning, looting, destruction, rape, arbitrary arrests and usurpation of freedoms, this also applies to the Turkish state as a whole, Turkey, which has refused to participate in the international coalition against ‘terrorism’, the forces which have fought terrorism and provided thousands of martyrs today today accused of “terrorism”, and won a great victory in the defense of international security.

We have good relations with Sweden and Finland.

She added: “We have good relations with Sweden and Finland, and they have given us humanitarian support as part of the international coalition, and we will continue our relations with them, especially since the ‘terrorism’ file “continues to maintain its gravity”. and sensitivity at the highest level. The families and fighters of the Islamic State are still detained by the autonomous administration, the member states of the international coalition are required to take their responsibilities more than before, and it is not permissible to evade them only because of a Turkish threat. because it puts their national security at risk.

Regarding the repercussions of the NATO summit decisions on Syria, Elham said: “Certainly, Syria as a whole is directly affected by the international situation, especially since Russia has a strong presence in the Syrian file, and therefore any confrontation with the Russians will also have repercussions on the Syrian scene, we hope that we will be excluded from the International Qualifiers file.

“The measures will not be temporary and for a limited time; but it will be long

And about the declaration of the state of emergency by the autonomous administration, she said: “I think it is a question of taking precautions and measures to deal with any possible aggression on the region, and that these measures will not be temporary and for a limited period.



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