Why did the first direct flight from Turkey to Larnaca in 59 years take off? — Timetables of Greek cities

Turkey’s first direct flight to the unoccupied areas of Cyprus, from an airport in Istanbul to Larnaca, has taken place, it became known on Tuesday.

According to Phileleftheros, the special direct flight was made for humanitarian reasons as they are not operated from Turkey to the Republic of Cyprus since Ankara characterizes it as “the southern part of Cyprus”.

The theft involved an ambulance plane as a player from the Turkish men’s national handball team tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Cyprus.

In fact, according to Yeni Düzen, the “authorities” in occupied northern Cyprus, which is not recognized by any country other than Turkey, were informed of the theft.

However, the theft was also confirmed by Cypriot government representative Mario Pelekanos.

In statements made to the Cypriot News Agency (KYPE), Pelekanos said that the Turkish authorities had requested permission from the Cypriot authorities to transport the athlete on a flight between Istanbul and Larnaca.

Additionally, Pelekanos clarified that when the athlete tested positive for COVID-19, all health protocols were followed.

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Elsewhere on the Mediterranean island, a Cypriot district court denied a petition by 64 people to say government regulations requiring COVID-19 vaccination certificates to enter indoor and outdoor venues were unconstitutional.

In a statement, the court accepted the attorney general’s argument that a relevant decree of the Ministry of Health aims to protect the entire population of the island nation, which is the “highest duty of the State”.

The court added that it is “neither reasonable nor possible” to put the lives of the entire population in danger because of a small group of citizens who do not wish to comply with the decree.

The judge who issued the ruling said the petition was not exclusively about protecting the petitioners’ rights, but also directly affected the rights of all citizens to avoid delays in tracing COVID-19 cases and close contacts. .

The judge added that this would lead to the “uncontrolled spread” of the virus.

He added that the current conditions impose the measures recommended by international organizations as well as by the group of health experts who advise the government.

According to official statistics, almost 46,500 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Cyprus between January 4 and January 17, bringing the infection rate to 5,235 per 100,000 people.

In occupied northern Cyprus, the COVID-19 infection rate stood at 1.55% on Monday.

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