Turkey accuses Greece of transferring arms to islands | New

Turkish armed forces drones captured footage of Greece transferring armored vehicles to Aegean islands without military status, Anadolu news agency reported.


Turkey: US military bases in Greece do not target Russia

“The ships were revealed to be carrying 23 wheeled armored tactical vehicles to Lesvos and 18 to Samos, islands with no military status. The armored vehicles were among those shipped by the United States to Alexandropolis in Greece. [Dedeagac] Port,” the post said.

According to Turkish security sources, the statement noted, these actions constitute a violation of international law. They also highlighted Turkey‘s efforts to resolve issues through dialogue and in accordance with international law.

“The fact that Greece does not even attend the meetings despite the invitations and makes such provocations shows that increases the tension”, underlined the security sources, quoted by the agency.

Greece and Turkey, member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), have repeatedly been on the brink of armed confrontation over their territorial disputes.

A new wave of tension erupted on August 23, when Greek anti-aircraft batteries, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry, aimed their missiles at two Turkish warplanes. Greece, for its part, denies it.

Turkish authorities have warned Greece that it will pay a heavy price if it goes further. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar called on NATO to be objective about what happened.

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