Thousands Gather in Hesekê: Your Silence is Killing Us!

Thousands of people from different towns in northeast Syria marched on Sunday under the slogan “Your silence is killing us!” in front of the troop base of the international anti-ISIS coalition in Hesekê. They protested against the ignorance and inaction of the international community in the face of the war of attrition carried out by the Turkish state in the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES).

The demonstration was convened by the “Council of Mothers of Peace” of the canton of Hesekê, and the participants came from Dirbêsiyê, Til Temir, Hol and Shaddadi, among others. Leaders of political parties and civil society organizations were also present.

The march started from the village of Tiwana (Al-Tweinah), northwest of the city of Hesekê. On the banners and front panels, in addition to the main slogan “Your silence is killing us!” “Your ignorance paves the way for genocide”, “Do not shirk your responsibilities” and “Silence in the face of occupation means complicity”. Kurdish resistance songs rang out from the loudspeakers, and there was loud applause and slogans of support for the resistance of the guerrillas in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) affected by the chemical weapons attacks banned by Turkey.


In front of the base of the international coalition, the demonstration ended with a rally. Samar Abdullah, co-president of the Cantonal Council of Hesekê, gave a combative speech: “The war of the Turkish state and its Islamist allies against our regions is clearly contrary to international law. However, the international community and the actors of the Syrian question remain silent on these attacks. We interpret the lack of response as condoning, aiding and abetting a flagrant violation of universal human rights.


“These are war crimes and crimes against humanity” that northern and eastern Syria have faced for years. Despite extensive knowledge on this subject, there is a deafening silence internationally. There is no effort to stop and punish the atrocities of the Turkish jihadist war machine. “. It seems that impunity applies to our attackers – despite the murders, rapes, looting and displacement. It is this carte blanche to the Turkish aggressor that has resulted in the death of innocent people almost daily. We also explicitly warn the coalition against the efforts of the Turkish state to erect an ISIS caliphate in the northern and eastern regions of Syria.The strategic goal of the Turkish regime was and is to rekindle terror of IS against AANES and its democratic and multi-ethnic philosophy that governs the region,” Abdullah said.

The demonstration ended with Samar Abdullah’s call to spread resistance against war and occupation.

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