“The United States is ready for diplomacy with Russia from the beginning of January”

The United States is ready to engage in diplomacy from early January through multiple channels, a senior administration official Biden said on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters via teleconference, the official said the engagement would be carried out bilaterally as part of the United States’ strategic stability dialogue with Russia, and multilaterally, through the NATO-Russia Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

“We have taken note of the concerns that Russia has raised both in private and in public, and wish to reiterate that any dialogue must be based on reciprocity,” the official said.

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the United States has agreed to start talks on security guarantees for Russia early next year in Geneva.

Speaking at an annual press conference in Moscow, Putin said so far the United States’ reaction to Russia’s proposal on security guarantees has been positive.

“Our American partners say they are ready to start these negotiations at the very beginning of next year in Geneva,” he said.

The remarks by both sides came amid a feared military escalation near Ukraine due to a build-up of Russian troops. There are reports that Moscow is considering military aggression against Ukraine.

Russia has declared that it does not want any further NATO expansion eastward.

The senior US official said Washington’s point of view is that negotiations should start from the basis of fundamental principles and documents on European security.

“We continue to closely monitor the alarming movement of Russian forces and deployments along the border with Ukraine,” the official added.

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