The EU expects a loss of more than 3 million Russian tourists this year – Germany, Greece and Cyprus remain the most affected

European countries are expected to lose around three million Russian tourists in the coming months, based on the number of seats expected on inbound flights between February and August 2022.

According to data published by Statista, the country that will lose the most Russian tourists to Turkey – provided that almost two million plane seats are planned for this specific period. Ukraine is ranked second on the list, with an expected loss of 1.6 million seats, followed by Uzbekistan, as more than 800,000 Russian tourists will not show up this year, reports

The list of countries that will lose a considerable number of Russian tourists are the United Arab Emirates (781,272), Tajikistan (726,899) and Armenia (563,199), while Germany is expected to welcome 552,910 fewer Russian visitors. , making the country the most affected member state in Europe. Union.

The second member state to experience a drop in Russian tourist arrivals will be Greece, as 303,843 seats reserved for tourists will remain vacant due to the situation.

However, the EU country most affected by the reduction in Russian tourism remains Cyprus, as Russians have been the number one source market for tourism, with industry being the main contributor to the country’s GDP.

An article previously published by reveals that the Cypriot authorities expect only 20% of the tourist market they reach each year.

“Based on our estimates, we expected to have one million Ukrainian and Russian tourists this year, which is around 20-25% of the tourist market in Cyprus. The key is the duration of this crisis. If it ends in a month, we will come out unscathed. If it lasts longer, no economy will come out of it clean. noted Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides.

These rates are even more devastating as the world emerges from the pandemic that has severely damaged tourism.

Other EU countries expecting fewer Russian tourists for the eight-month period are:

  • Italy (229,003)
  • Hungary (203,086)
  • France (179,380)
  • Netherlands (156,278)
  • Bulgaria (149,801)
  • Spain (123,184)
  • Czechia (116,705)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 and since then major attacks by Russian forces have been reported in Ukrainian cities such as Berdyansk, Chernihiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv and Kyiv.

According to data from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), a total of 3,280 civilian deaths have been reported in Ukraine as of May 4. The war in Ukraine has led the EU to witness an influx of refugees fleeing their home countries, with more than three million registered refugees in Poland alone.

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