Taiwan Donates US $ 500,000 to Syria for Civil Society Development | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan on Wednesday (December 15th) pledged US $ 500,000 to support the development of civil society in war-ravaged Syria.

Taiwanese envoy to the United States Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴) and American Taiwan Institute (AIT) general manager Ingrid Larson signed an agreement for the initiative, in the presence of Rick Waters, secretary of the ‘Deputy Assistant State for China, Taiwan and Mongolia to the State Office of East Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Department, by ANC.

The document, “The second funding agreement for stabilization assistance in parts of Syria,” will see Taiwan donate half a million dollars to the Middle Eastern country to help strengthen the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS.

The initiative is about providing basic services to the population, promoting peace and conciliation, empowering minority and disadvantaged communities and shaping diversity and values ​​based on democracy, according to the AIT office in Washington.

Taiwan has extended its action to Syria and Turkey, notably by helping to build the Taiwan-Reyhanli Center for World Citizens (or Center Taiwan) along the border of the two countries. Opened in 2020, the facility serves to bridge the gap between Syrians and Turks with cultural activities and vocational training courses.


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