Russian-Ukrainian war continues, Mariupol comes under heavy attack, 2022 South African election winner Peter Malinauskas is sworn in, Kimberley Kitching’s private funeral is held in Melbourne

Andrew Landeryou, the late Senator Kimberley’s husband, said his wife deserved better treatment from a group of Labor figures he described as a “cantankerous cabal”.

There has been turmoil within the party since the MP’s death on March 10, with her supporters claiming she was ostracized and bullied by some Labor colleagues from different factions and with distinct ideologies. These allegations are dismissed.

Senator Kimberley Kitching’s husband, Andrew Landeryou.Credit:Eddie Jim

“The simple truth is that Kimberley’s political and moral judgment vastly outweighed the few who opposed her internally,” Landeryou said, criticizing those who disliked his pro-US foreign policy stance. and anti-Chinese.

“Of course, there’s a lot I could say about the annoyance of a cantankerous cabal, not all of it in Parliament, that targeted Kimba.

“I hope it’s enough to say that she deserved so much better…Her friends and fiercely loyal staff are angry at the way she was treated.”

Former Opposition leader Bill Shorten, one of late Victorian Senator Kimberley Kitching’s closest friends, also spoke at the funeral, urging Labor figures to ‘move on’ after the death of the 52-year-old and channel their energy into the task of winning the next federal election. election.

Mr Shorten said her death would leave a ‘black hole’ in Australian public life and claimed she helped save 30 Afghans during the recent US withdrawal from the war-torn nation.

Former Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, his wife Chloe Shorten and daughter Clementine arrive at the funeral of Senator Kimberley Kitching.

Former Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, his wife Chloe Shorten and daughter Clementine arrive at the funeral of Senator Kimberley Kitching.Credit:Eddie Jim

Mr Shorten said he was not making a “political speech”, but urged the dozens of grieving Labor MPs, trade unionists and party members to use their sense of grief in the party’s best interests. He did not directly address the bullying allegations.

“She understood, in the marrow of her bones, that people who rely on Labor rely on Labor governments first and foremost,” he said.

“I believe Kimberley would like all members of her Labor family to channel their grief, gather their strength and move forward together from here in pursuit of this goal.”

Mr Shorten, who came under fire for installing Senator Kitching in the Senate in 2016, said she had proven her opponents wrong and shone in her political career.

“In these polarized times, tact and diplomacy, style and good manners may be rarer than a Latin orator in Parliament, [but] Kimberley’s skill and sophistication should not be confused with anything other than a big working heart beating at full speed,” he said.

“The passing of this remarkable and valiant woman leaves a big hole, a black hole almost, with its own gravity like that caused by the collapse of a massive star.

“Kimberley knew how to live…she had no fear, no malice, no jealousy,” he said.

He concluded: “Rest in peace dear friend.”

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