“Russian tourists will go to Turkey instead” — Greek City Times

Stanislav Osadchiy, Russian Ambassador to Cyprus, said in an interview with local media that the Republic of Cyprus and other European countries imposed sanctions on his country following its invasion of Ukraine. They have shot themselves in the fwhore.’

Osadchiy informs his interviewer that Russian tourists will not show up in Cyprus this summer and will instead go to Turkey.

“If you ask me personally, (economic sanctions) don’t worry us.

Unfortunately, I think the Europeans are shooting themselves in the foot. Where will they find natural gas, oil, wheat, how will Cyprus attract Russian tourists? Russian tourists will not come. Where will these tourists go?

They will go to Turkey, do you want that?

They will spend money there. Summer is coming. You blocked the airspace of Cyprus?

You shot yourself in the foot,”

Osadchiy explains, in fluent Greek, in an excerpt from the interview posted on Twitter by Yiota Hadjicosta, a journalist with the Cypriot newspaper Politis.

“#Russian Ambassador to Cyprus openly threatened #Cyprus in an interview with local media. Unbelievable! #Ukraine #Russia,” Hadjicosta tweeted.

In the meantime, he also commented on the statements of the Russian Foreign Minister when he spoke of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” without referring to a pseudo-state. Specifically, when asked to comment on whether there was any intention to recognize the pseudo-state, he replied the following: “No. I will immediately reject what you say.

What happened is that in the Security Council, Lavrov stood up and said that for years we tried to talk to the Zelensky regime in Minsk.

This did not happen because for all these years the Kiev regime refused to have contact with representatives from Lugansk and Donetsk, he explained.

That is, to sit down with those who have to decide what needs to be done. He cited Cyprus as an example where the two sides, he said, have been negotiating for more than 40 years.

That’s what he meant. “This does not mean that the approach to the Cyprus problem has changed,” he noted.

The ambassador also stressed in the interview that Russia‘s position is not to occupy Ukrainian territory but to protect Russian citizens in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Osadchiy, 71, has been ambassador to Cyprus since 2013; previously he was Ambassador to Austria and Consul General in Hamburg, Germany and Istanbul.

Cyprus, along with the 27 members of the EU, has closed its airspace to Russian planes.

Turkey has yet to close its strait to Russian warships and remains the only NATO country that has not limited its airspace to Russia.

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