Returning Officer Explains Voting Procedure As Election Campaign Continues


Less than two weeks before the general elections in Cyprus, the returning officer explained to representatives of electoral alliances, parties and independent candidates on Wednesday the electoral procedure, counting and sorting of votes, he explained in which case the ballots would be considered invalid and informed them of the special conditions under which the elections will be held due to measures intended to contain the pandemic.

Authorities also announced that during campaign events it was necessary for participants to wear masks, observe social distancing, have good hand hygiene, can show a Safe Pass, are seated, spaces are well ventilated. and that offering food or drink is prohibited.

The deputies declaration ceremony will take place with the participation of a minimum of people.

The parties have chosen to focus their campaign statements on the issue of the Auditor General receiving support from the EU Court of Auditors and the Federation of Auditors for his decision to continue with the review of the citizenship by investment program. The Cyprus problem and the national resilience and recovery plan also continued to be part of the public debate.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, who has been asked to comment on left-wing AKEL references that the national resilience and recovery plan he presented on Monday has been reformulated, said it was about a European plan to help Member States cope with the impact of the pandemic and that it was therefore not an electoral promise. . He also referred to a Democratic Party (DIKO) election ad with negative connotations for himself, noting that the response was given by those who reacted to it, forcing its creators to withdraw it.

The ruling Democratic Rally (DISY) chairman Averof Neofytou visited the Famagusta District Hotel Association, the mayors of Ayia Napa and Paralimni, subsequently expressing his optimism and belief that the people will make the right choice and vote responsibly so that the benefits of national resilience and the country’s recovery and stability plan can be realized. He also went to Famagusta General Hospital saying that the fight against the pandemic was won and that the crisis was an opportunity to develop infrastructure in the health sector. After a visit to the Famagusta courts, Neofytou spoke about the importance of justice reform and the need for a parliament that will function with accountability as opposed to irresponsible populism. DISY also responded to criticism from AKEL and DIKO by noting that both parties’ rejection of everything and their negativity has no limits.

AKEL SG Andros Kyprianou met with British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie, then urging President Anastasiades to undertake initiatives that will increase the possibility of resuming Cyprus reunification talks and said the lack of reaction from the international community to recent statements unacceptable views of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is worrying. Referring to a position expressed by an EU Court of Auditors contact group on the Auditor General, he noted that this was a slap in the face to the government and called on it to respect the independence of the Auditor General and to give him access to all the necessary files.

DIKO President Nicolas Papadopoulos reiterated his party’s proposal to create a special parliamentary commission to oversee the distribution of funds by the National Resilience and Recovery Fund, so that there is transparency and accountability. He also referred to the statement of the contact group on the Auditor General, expressing the view that the government “continues to tarnish the image of Cyprus as an international service center, with damaging and possibly irreversible consequences. for the Cypriot economy ”.

EDEK social democratic chairman Marinos Sizopoulos, who addressed an election event focused on the Cyprus problem, said the party had submitted its proposals in time to deal with Turkish expansionism. They aim to shape a common Cyprus-Greece policy based on specific action by the UN and the EU, further strengthening cooperation with neighboring countries and reactivating the dogma of the common defense space between Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Greece. EDEK also referred to the contact group’s position reiterating that all relevant documents sought by the Auditor General’s office should be handed over as soon as possible.

Citizens Alliance said Ankara continues to attack everyone as major powers turn a blind eye to further Turkish atrocities as Turkey continues to illegally colonize Cypriot territory it occupies illegally and by force for 47 years.

The Solidarity Movement commented on the UK’s decision to bring back the ten-day quarantine measure for all returning from Cyprus and felt this was part of the pressure on the Cypriot government to accept Turkish plans -British on the Cypriot problem, otherwise, the epidemiological situation of the country continues to be bad, which would not correspond to the declarations of the Minister of Health.

The Greens of Cyprus welcomed the statement by the European Court of Auditors and said Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides was right. The party urged the government to comply with the recommendation of the Court of Auditors

The far-right ELAM party called on all political parties to show the necessary responsibility vis-à-vis the national resilience and recovery plan.

Democratic Front (DIPA) President Marios Garoyian told a campaign event that his party is proposing a realistic path that offers prospects and hope amid a moral, institutional, political and economic crisis without previous.

Active Citizens – The unified Cypriot hunting movement presented is candidates for all districts and its positions on sports, culture, economy, education, business and social issues.

Animal Party Cyprus explained why it does not cooperate with Green Parties, noting that it represents an independent political movement for animal rights in the context of the international political notion on people, animals and nature for health and prosperity which is a bigger concept than the Greens “.


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