Qarasu: Without NATO support, Turkey would be defeated by democracy and fighting forces – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Qarasu’s speech came in the second part of his private interview with the ANF news agency.

Here is the text of the interview:

* Iraq currently lives in a state of chaos and political vacuum, and there are attacks against Şengal and self-defense areas. What does that mean…?

Iraq does not budge in the face of attacks by the Turkish occupation on areas of self-defense, although Iraq sometimes stands up to the Turkish state, but these objections are not taken seriously.

Al-Maliki had criticized the Turkish state when he was Prime Minister, then Erdogan said to him: Who are you, what is your presence and your level? Iraq has repeatedly requested that the Turkish state withdraw its military forces from Bashiqa, however, the Turkish state has rejected Iraq’s request.

* In the beginning, what is the role of NATO and Western countries in this war, especially the United States and Great Britain?

The United States, Britain and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) support the Turkish state in eliminating the PKK, as their decisions to target and arrest our comrades Cemil Bayik, Murat Karayilan and Duran Kalkan show that they want to complete the international plot against them.

Those who made these decisions will certainly support the Turkish state in every way possible.

The United States, Britain and NATO have affected Turkey‘s political, military, economic, cultural and social life for decades.

On the other hand, Turkey has had relations with Europe for 150 years, which is why they give Turkey a role to play in the Middle East according to their interests.

There is no doubt that Turkey’s role is not at the level of the Cold War, where it also wants to pursue its interests in the Middle East by engaging with various international powers.

In this context, they are in contact with the Arabs. Israel, which has a great influence on Turkey’s relations with the West, has relied on the Turkish state and made some changes in the policy-making strategy in the Middle East.

It is hoped that capitalist modernity will have morality, conscience and justice in politics. The struggle must continue vigorously and these relations must be severed, because the conditions and components of World War III are not the same as the circumstances of the Cold War.

If the struggle continues, and regardless of the support given to the Turkish state, the Kurdish struggle will win, a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East can be created. It is clear that the Kurds have made great strides in winning the support of the peoples of Europe and the world.

That the Middle East remains the most important source of energy in the world, as Turkey wants to use its geographical location between the Middle East and Europe to become an energy line, it wants to take advantage of this situation, in back, Europe also used Turkey as a member of NATO and has relations with the European Union, But it’s not easy. In this case, Turkey’s hand will be stronger. It will be rather a weak point, Turkey is not the only crossroads. He can use his position, but these things will never be in the interest of achieving freedom for the Kurdish people.



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