Qamishlo residents protest against chemical attacks: ‘Stop Turkish war crimes’

Demonstrations have been taking place everywhere since the publication of images of guerrillas dying after a chemical weapons attack by the Turkish army in the mountains of southern Kurdistan. The disturbing footage shows symptoms of nerve gas poisoning in the dying fighters. This results in particular in convulsions and violent muscular twitches. On Tuesday, the identities of 17 guerrilla fighters killed by chemical weapons in the past two months were also released. In Europe, Australia, Canada, Turkey and the Autonomous Region of Northern and Eastern Syria, people are taking to the streets to express their disgust and demand an end to Turkish war crimes.

A protest also took place today in Qamishlo, northern Syria. The march from Kornish to a Russian base was attended by representatives of various organizations and institutions, as well as many relatives of martyrs. The demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the guerrilla struggle and called on international public opinion to act.

One of the protest participants was journalist Beritan Medusa. Asked about her opinion on Turkish war crimes, she told ANF: “The use of chemical weapons is contrary to all human and ecological values. This is what we are protesting here today, as well as in other parts of the world. professionals, we have to take a stand on this, and everyone else too. In my opinion, there are still too few protests. Especially in Europe, actions must take place for the OPCW to act.


Medusa also criticized the international media for still not reporting on Turkey‘s chemical weapons attacks in Kurdish territories: “We are guilty if we remain silent about this. I consider it a human duty to ‘to be here today as a journalist. All the major media obviously serve the rulers. People are on the streets every day, but the media only report what suits them. In doing so, they are guilty. There are documents and recordings, but they keep talking about “allegations”. Allegations? Everything is documented and proven. Not only is the Turkish state committing a crime against humanity, but the media and defense organizations human rights who turn a blind eye are also complicit in it. If you keep silent about the use of chemical weapons, you are complicit in this crime.”


Spanish internationalist Tekoşer Lewend said: “We are demonstrating here today against the use of banned chemical weapons in southern Kurdistan. The Turkish state uses internationally banned weapons and violates martial law and human rights because the whole world is silent about it. Powers don’t stop these attacks, they support the Turkish state.” Lewend called on the international public and relevant institutions to oppose and stop Turkish war crimes.

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