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The Turkish occupation state is intensifying its attacks with heavy weapons and drones on the northern and eastern regions of Syria and on areas of southern Kurdistan, with the aim of undermining the project of a democratic nation in the northern and eastern areas of Syria and in Shingal, and occupying more Syrian and Iraqi lands.

In this regard, Mahmoud Buzan, Head of the Relations Office of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party, said: “We condemn the criminal act perpetrated by the Turkish enemy on the northern and eastern regions of Syria in particular and of Syria in general, which is considered a genocidal war for the peoples of the region. »

He added: “The peoples of the region are not terrorists if they are Arabs or Kurds, as Erdogan and his mercenaries claim, and the peoples of the region are those who fought terrorism and established the brotherhood of peoples. in the region and coexistence.”

He continued: “We call on all the countries of the world, the countries loving democracy and freedom, and the Human Rights Committee to do their duty towards the people of northern and eastern Syria in particular. and Syria in general, as Erdogan seeks genocidal wars.”

Mahmoud Buzan explained that “Turkey‘s history has been clear since time immemorial, and everyone knows its policy towards the region, and the intentions of fascism and its decadent criminality against the peoples of the region. Turkey wants to repeat Ottoman history and differentiate the peoples of the region as it did in the past.


In turn, the head of the Kurdistan Republican Party’s public relations office in Raqqa, Ahmed Nouri, said: “Turkey is waging a war of extermination against the peoples of the region and a process of demographic change in the region. these actions are aimed at thwarting any democratic project in the region and serving its Ottoman expansionist project at the expense of Syrian and Iraqi lands, and all these actions constitute a violation of international law and international covenants.

“Turkey is trying to weaken the region more broadly by using the method of siege, demographic change and restriction of river waters to put pressure on the region and carry out its colonial projects which it has been pursuing since the beginning of the Syrian crisis,” said Ahmed Nouri.

Nouri called on the international community to end Turkish transgressions in the region, respect international agreements, end all violations and uphold human rights standards.



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