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NICOSIA – The self-proclaimed Turkish Cypriot government – unrecognized in the world – will insist at a meeting at the United Nations that the world accept the northern third of the island it has occupied since an illegal Turkish invasion in 1974.

This has been stated on several occasions by the Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar who will have the opportunity to make this request in person at the UN, of which his self-proclaimed government is not a member.

But the UN sponsored talks in New York on September 18 in an attempt to find a solution to the Cypriot dilemma that has eluded a long line of diplomats, sent as officials for decades.

All of these ideas centered on reunification, but the latest round of talks collapsed in July 2017 in the Swiss resort town of Crans-Montana after Tatar said it was not on the table and he wanted full recognition of the isolated and occupied side.

This follows the line of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose government does not recognize Cyprus – a member of the European Union that Turkey has unsuccessfully tried to join since 2005 – and bans its ships and planes.

“We will not back down from our position presented in Geneva,” Tahsin ErtuÄŸruloÄŸlu, the self-proclaimed foreign minister who can only speak to Turkey, told Turkey’s Anadolu agency about the informal talks in Geneva in April.

He said the problem is that “the Greco-Cypriot administration is recognized as the Republic of Cyprus on its own”, although it is in the EU and the UN and its side is not.

“You have to accept that there are two distinct people, democracies, states and sovereignties on the island. There is no sense in chasing consensus formulas on the Cyprus issue as long as the reality of one island and two peoples is not accepted, ”he said.

This was rejected out of hand by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, whose pleas to the UN to intervene in the face of repeated Turkish provocations, including the partial reopening of the abandoned resort of Varosha on the occupied side and oil drilling and gas carriers in Cypriot waters have been ignored.

UN Secretary-General UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres – who participated in the Swiss debacle and then issued a report blaming no one for anything – said there was “no common ground “to resume formal talks.

resume formal negotiations on the settlement of the Cyprus problem.

ErtuÄŸruloÄŸlu said he expected Guterres to accept what the Turkish Cypriot side called reality and states that there is no chance of a middle ground and the only answer is to recognize the side occupied, which would mean the acceptance of an invading army of 35,000 men in an EU country. .

“The UN must be withdrawn from being a camp against the Turkish Cypriots,” he said in a gunshot although his camp needs the goodwill of Guterres and the international body to listen to his arguments.

“Official negotiations will only start as two separate states,” he said, a proposal already dead in the water.

He criticized Stephen Lillie, the UK’s High Commissioner to Cyprus – the UK is the former colonial ruler and has military bases on the island – for telling Greek newspaper Kathimerini that a federation was the only one reply.

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