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Residents of Al-Qanayeh district in the western countryside of Kobani march on the occasion of the birth of leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 11:00 a.m. (photos and videos attached).

A member of leader Abdullah Ocalan’s defense committee, lawyer Khaled Omar, explained that the prevention of meetings with leader Ocalan is a violation of the rights of detainees, and stressed that the Committee against Torture had not undertook his task, and pointed out that the people of Nowruz had expressed their support for leader Ocalan this year. (Pictures attached).


The spokesman for the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria reiterated the administration’s willingness to engage with the government in Damascus, but criticized the latter’s escape and stressed that the solution appropriate to the Syrian crisis is a pluralistic and decentralized system of government. (photos and video attached).


“When we do not work to spread the resistance ideology of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, we feel that we are betraying the land of Kurdistan. The voice of resistance of the martyr Agîd has formed a strong will and determination among the Kurds.” With these words, national figure Ali Omar expressed his connection to the struggle of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Jubeir Sheikh Suleiman believes that the conspirators against the will of the Yazidi community want to besiege Shingal and separate it from northern and eastern Syria, in a ploy targeting Yazidi gains, pointing out that Turkey is the one planning and that the Iraqi government and the KDP are implementing it. (Pictures attached).

The families of the martyrs of the Euphrates region expressed their categorical rejection of the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish occupation state and warned of the disastrous consequences of this complicity. (photos and video attached).


Violence is anything that harms a human being in terms of inhumane and other violations and practices, whether physical, verbal, sexual or economic, and those practiced on the basis of gender.


In recent years, Erdogan has sought to exploit the Palestinian cause to achieve his political goals. But recently the truth of his political discourse on the issue has come to light, so how did Erdogan use the Palestinian issue as a card in his hand to achieve his goals?

The so-called “de-escalation” area has recently seen military developments, including the targeting of military sites belonging to the Turkish occupation in front of Damascus government forces, in addition to Russian shelling of the area. Syrian researcher Dr. Ahmed Al-Darzi sees these developments as warning messages from Russia to Turkey, confirming its ability to advance the Syrian dossier, and the restoration of areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.


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