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Several meetings are being held between officials of the Syrian and Turkish intelligence services, during which the Turkish state seeks to establish relations with the government in Damascus to hamper any solution or dialogue inside Syria.

Adding that “meetings with the National Council have not yet resumed, and the National Council must abandon the hostile approach for the resumption of negotiations.

On the Kurdish National Council’s counter-propaganda against the autonomous administration and the attempt to organize the peoples of the region to return to the occupied territories, Khalil said: “They receive their orders directly from Turkish intelligence, they operate in Rojava. as part of MIT. “

ANHA had an interview with Ildar Khalil, a member of the Presidential Committee of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, who spoke about the bilateral meetings between the Syrian and Turkish state intelligence services, the crimes of assassinations and National Council movements and other issues.

Now meetings are being held between Turkish and Syrian intelligence, in your opinion, do you have any information about these meetings, and what are the common denominators that push the two parties to negotiate?

With the onset of popular spring, especially in 2010, directly that the Turkish state announced that the government in Damascus has lost its legitimacy, is not allowed to remain in power, not to communicate with him, many statements were issued against the government in Damascus, therefore, the Turkish state exploited the so-called Syrian revolution for its own benefit by bringing together Syrian opponents in Turkey to overthrow the government in Damascus, which helped to deteriorate the situation in Syria by occupying many areas, in reality the Turkish state had changed the purpose of the Syrian revolution, Now they seek to maintain new relations with Damascus, what is the reason? The Turkish state did not expect to keep the Syrian regime in power for a long time, Turkey’s goal was for its affiliated forces to take power, led by forces such as the Muslim Brotherhood and some mercenary gangs, they did not expect that the development of democracy project inside Syria, and that the representatives of this project, despite all the obstacles and obstacles, would be able to establish a democratic system and become a model for Syria and the Middle East.

The Turkish state felt in danger in the development of the democratic system in the north and east of Syria, especially in Syria which has become a model for the world, in which security and stability are guaranteed, on the one hand its armed factions had frustrated, on the other hand The Geneva talks came to no result and failed to draft a new constitution, and each time the Turkish state stepped up its attacks against the democratic system in northern and eastern Syria, this system was developing and progressing. Therefore, they now resort to the third option, which is to restore relations with the government in Damascus.

Purpose of resuming relations: Reduction of dialogue

By developing these relationships, they want to limit the development and progression of the democratic project. The Turkish state told the government in Damascus: “Yes, we have problems, but we also have a common danger linked to AANES, women’s freedom and the democratic nation project”. The Turkish state has reached a level where pressure is being exerted on the government in Damascus not to negotiate with AANES. When the government of Damascus wants to take specific action on its internal problems or accept a solution, as you can see, Hakan Fidan had been sent by Erdogan to Damascus, he said in Damascus, “Do what you want, but don’t be disagree with them. ” If you agree with them, I will repeat what I did in 2011. We will intervene again as we did at that time. He threatens Damascus

Why are they making these threats during this time?

In 2018, during the Afrin affair, an agreement was reached between Russia and Turkey in which the Turkish state promised to protect Damascus, Aleppo and the government of Damascus. To the detriment of Afrin, they allied themselves with the government of Damascus, they are now seeking the continuation and development of this alliance, which began for the most part in 2017 and ended in 2018.

After occupying the township of Afrin, they expected the collapse of the democratic system, but the experience was new, as the city of Afrin has an important place in northeastern Syria, they reached that the diet did not affect, so they launched brutal attacks on Tal Abyed and Ras al-Ain, once again the regime did not carry out, so they have no choice, these occupation attacks put them also in difficulty, and they face many difficulties. The resistance against him is intensifying. The economic, political and social crises in Turkey are worsening, their alliance with the governments of Damascus and Russia is also threatened. So now he wants to make a deal with the government in Damascus through intelligence, various contacts and other documents.

* Are there any meetings between you and the Kurdish National Council?

Our meetings have been suspended since the 10the months of last year. We haven’t had any meetings since then. Some meetings were arranged by us and the National Council with the guarantor parties, both the Syrian Democratic Forces and the United States, they also asked “what’s going to happen”, but there was no direct meetings between us and the National Council.

* If the talks take place, on what basis will they take place and what are the main points?
Above all, the National Council must get out of the hostile approach. If he was going to ally with the enemy, how could we agree? Either we go to the enemy’s side or he has to abandon the enemy. It has a committee that meets the international parties against AANES, it has parties that promote counter-propaganda among the people, and it has offices that have all been opened, but they create discord and serve the enemies. He does not recognize the AANES system and asks to be entrusted with half the administration. How can you claim half when you don’t even admit it? The National Council must therefore reconsider its statute, in short get out of the hostile approach. Then we can discuss the rest of the details.

* Important meetings take place outside the country. There is also a movement of intensive meetings and talks between America, Russia, Turkey, the Syrian Democratic Council and the government in Damascus. So what is the impact of all these meetings on the region?

Ten years have passed since the Syrian crisis, and it remains unresolved. Looks like it’s gonna last longer. But each country that has embarked on this file wants to protect its interests and direct the results to its advantage. Some want to reintroduce Geneva and engage in direct dialogue. Everyone wants to strengthen their influence on earth before any conversation, what concerns us is how to defend our revolution, what responsibilities we have, how to strengthen our organization and how to defend ourselves from attacks. What matters is what the Syrian people say about their fate. The diplomatic work on our regions continues, and this is part of this revolution, various activities are carried out with Russia, the United States, Europe and some Arab states, which is normal.

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