How Turkish miniature rockets work for mini drones


An Ankara-based defense company uses magnesium to produce tiny, lightweight rockets that have the potential to support Turkey’s fight against terrorism in dense urban neighborhoods.

A Turkish defense company called Troy Teknoloji Savunma has successfully developed 40-millimeter mini rockets for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Founded in 2004 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, the company plans to increase production with highly explosive warheads, mini-rockets and increasing drones and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Their goal is to bring revolutionary innovations to the defense industry.

Sait Ersoy Bereketlioglu, who heads Troy Teknoloji Savunma (TTS), said Turkey’s operations against the PKK terrorist group in Sirnak Province in 2015, he encouraged him to find technological solutions to the terrorist threat emanating from urban areas.

“In order to assist in this type of operations against terrorist organizations that use cities and civilians as shields while fighting state forces, we have developed high-tech explosive chemicals in our business. We have started to work on converting these chemicals into warheads, rockets and weapons, ”Bereketlioglu told TRT World.

“The most important point of our initiative was to open a new era in the fight against terrorism with very cheap and affordable technology without loss of military personnel.”

The company, established in Ankara in 2004, aims to increase efficiency with its services in the field of highly explosive warheads. (TRTWorld)

Troy’s newly developed mini-rockets are also within the load limits that mini-drones or micro-UAVs can carry at low altitudes. Since the company’s mini-rocket infrastructure can be used for a wide range of uses, the system can also be modified to suit the needs of internal and external operations, including those performed in residential areas.

“We will complete this process by working with accredited drone manufacturers who can transport our rockets and prepare the appropriate firing platform and enter the products into the Turkish military inventory,” Bereketlioglu says.

For now, six mini munitions / rockets produced by Troy and measuring 170 millimeters in length can be integrated into mini-drones. The mini-rockets are launched from the 550-millimeter firing tube. With its disposable firing tube, the weight of each rocket is around 500 grams.

Although the rockets and ammunition size are tiny, it has 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) of firing range and operates with an effective range of 100-500 meters (328-1640 feet).

The system, which is produced nationally and can be modified as needed, will be useful for internal security and cross-border operations as well as in residential areas.

The system, which is produced nationally and can be modified as needed, will be useful for internal security and cross-border operations as well as in residential areas. (TRTWorld)

In contrast, the anti-personnel warhead with a smart plug is effective within a radius of 12 meters. Its penetration capability corresponds to level 2 of STANAG 4569, which is a NATO standardization agreement covering standards for “occupant protection levels of logistics and light armored vehicles”.

The system determines threat elements from a certain distance in a controlled manner and helps security forces neutralize targets without having to send security personnel into danger.

Troy’s mini-rockets can also hit and destroy stationary targets such as unarmed or armored light vehicles and small structures.

Bereketlioglu began his journey in product design and development in 1999. He was inspired by the first prototypes of 3D machines. In 2004, it began, together with its partners, to produce state-of-the-art defense products.

“The most important thing was that we brought magnesium to the defense industry by pouring metallic magnesium under vacuum. In aviation and defense, everything is usually aluminum. Magnesium was not available because it couldn’t be vacuum poured, but we did and thanks to our invention we make products 40% lighter, ”said Bereketlioglu.

“My most important plan for the future is to create a unique infrastructure in which national national technology will be established from the start if necessary,” he added.

Source: TRT World


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