Greek hotels top GRI guest satisfaction index in July

Visitors to Greece were satisfied with the quality and services provided by Greek hotels in July, according to the latest data released by INSETE, the research body of the Greek Confederation of Tourism (SETE).

Specifically, citing data from ReviewPro, Greece had a score of 87 percent in the Global Review Index (GRI), a standard online reputation score used by hotels around the world as a benchmark for reputation management. The score is based on review data collected from 175 online travel agencies (OTAs) and review sites in over 45 languages.

TUI Magic Life Marmari Palace in Kos, Greece.

In second place, Croatia (84.9%), followed by Cyprus (84.8 percent), Spain (83.0 percent), Italy (82.6 percent), Turkey (80.9%) and France (76.7 percent).

According to the data, Greek hotels also performed well in other indicators such as cleanliness, food and drink, location, service, value for money and entertainment.

In July, hotels in Greece were second in terms of cleanliness with a score of 92.3% after Cyprus (94.2%).

In the Food and drink index, Greece came fourth after Cyprus (85.1%), Italy (84.7%) and Turkey (84.3%).

Greece scored lower for location after Cyprus (90.5%), Italy and Turkey (89.6%), Spain (88.8%), Croatia (88.3%) and France (87.9%).

In terms of serviceGreek hotels were in second place with a score of 90.1% after Cyprus (90.5%).

Greek hotels were also second to Cyprus in terms of price quality with a score of 85.9%.

TUI Magic Life Marmari Palace in Kos, Greece.

Greek hotels ranked third in July in the parts index with a score of 85.8% after Italy (88.0%) and Cyprus (87.7%).

And finally, regarding entertainmentrival market, Turkey was in the lead with 86.2% against 77.5% in Greece.

According to INSETE, the GRI indicates in July that 5-star hotels received the highest ratings with a score of 88.0%, followed by 3-star hotels with 87.2%.

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