Greece an ‘indispensable’ NATO ally, says State Department spokesperson

The failure of the US State Department to publicly call out Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “undermines the very principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity around which the United States rallied the West in the case of Ukraine”, says the writer. [REUTERS]

The United States affirmed Greece’s status as an “indispensable” NATO ally, saying it plays a key role in promoting the two countries’ common goals in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.

“We view Greece as an indispensable partner and a key NATO ally for the United States, and Greece plays a vital role in the defense of NATO’s southeastern flank. And today, together, the United States and Greece are advancing our shared goals not just for their immediate region, but for Europe more broadly,” State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant said Friday. Patel, during a regular press briefing.

Patel was reacting to a question from a Turkish journalist regarding the Greek Foreign Minister’s recent visit to Libya. Nikos Dendias refused to disembark his plane after landing in the capital Tripoli and instead flew to the eastern city of Benghazi.

Responding to a follow-up question about Greece’s snub to Libya’s Western Tripoli-based administration, the spokesperson repeated:

“What I would simply say, because I don’t have a specific reaction to offer, is that Greece is an indispensable partner and a key NATO ally for the United States, and plays a role important in protecting NATO’s southeast flank, but also in helping the United States achieve its objectives for the immediate Mediterranean region but also for Europe more broadly.

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