Cyprus slips away from new EU sanctions against Russia

NICOSIA – Already upset by the European Union’s ban on Russian airlines following the invasion of Ukraine that cost Cyprus a key tourist market, President Nicos Anastasiades has indicated he will not accept more penalties if they don’t work.

“Some concerns have already been raised by the Cypriot government regarding the sixth sanctions package,” he said, adding that the measures should be targeted – something other countries have said because of their reluctance.

“The impact on Member States should be taken into account by European partners so that instead of being sanctions against the invader, they do not end up being sanctions against the Member States themselves,” said he declared.

He said, imitating the leaders of other countries, that they supported sanctions unless it went against their own interests, which could render them moot if each country acted on its own and was starting to retreat.

“What exists is that if and when some of the proposed measures that we have identified and documented have shown that they do not help and are not in line with the objective pursued by the EU, then simply these measures specific will not be adopted,” he said, reported The Cyprus Mail.

As Finland and Sweden seek to join NATO to protect themselves against possible Russian aggression, he said it was too early to say whether Cyprus would also try.

This would likely be moot as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he will block Sweden and Finland from entering and will not recognize EU member Cyprus and will almost certainly veto any attempt to admit. of the government of the island, in particular Turkey occupying the northern third since the illegal invasions of 1974.

“Even if it was the wish of the Cypriot government, there would be a collision with the procedural issues, in particular the objection of Turkey,” Anastasiades said, explaining that unanimity is required for membership. NATO.

“Apart from that, we are a small country, we need protection of course, and the challenge is to make this protection effective and that any decision is approved by the people”, he concluded.

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