Cyprus complains to the UN, a sheep farmer harassed in the buffer zone

NICOSIA – A farmer grazing sheep in a buffer zone along the occupied Turkish Cypriot side has been chased away by armed Turkish soldiers, the Greek Cypriot government has filed a complaint with the United Nations.

While the UN previously ignored calls from President Nicos Anastasiades to intervene over Turkey’s provocations and oil and gas drilling in Cypriot waters, this question cited that the farmer would have a license to be in the area. .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus – the country is part of the European Union – has asked the UN to investigate the incident, said The Cyprus Mail, which happened in the Deneia region between the two parts.

Quoting the leader of the Deneia community, Christakis Panayiotou, the newspaper said the soldiers came down from a watchtower to chase him away and one of them allegedly cocked his gun.

The farmer said they also threw stones at him and the UN peacekeeping force on the island said: “We must let the investigation be completed before drawing any conclusions.

“The safety of civilians inside the UN buffer zone remains our top priority,” he said in a post on Twitter, without indicating whether any of his patrols were in the area that was attacked. experienced tensions between the parties.

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