Cyprus: 34 out of 100 residents have a firearm in their possession

Cyprus ranks seventh among the top 10 civilian gun-owning countries with 34 out of every 100 residents estimated to have a gun in their possession, according to a BBC report this week.

The calculations were carried out by the Small Arms Survey, a cutting-edge research project based in Switzerland.

However, Cyprus stands out from other countries as it was invaded in 1974 by Turkey which still maintains troops on the divided island – which justifies reservists having their personal firearms at home for defense purposes.

But there are also large numbers of registered shotguns, with police spokesman Christos Andreou telling Philenews that totaled 169,989 today.

As for the total number of licensees owning a shotgun, it is 112,932. However, there are also many unlicensed and unregistered firearms, the number of which remains unknown.

Andreou also said that some individuals own two or more shotguns. And that the prerequisites for obtaining the relevant license for such possession offer several safeguards. Possession of a shotgun is subject to strict legislation, he added.

The US ratio of 120.5 firearms per 100 people in 2018 is shocking, compared to 88 percent in 2011. This far exceeds that of other countries in the world.

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