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It appears that it is becoming apparent that the Black Sea has recently become more and more a site of conflict with NATO as well as Russia. Another evidence of this is Sea Breeze, a recently concluded 2021, a large-scale military exercise in the region which Ukraine has hosted, says Alexi Ivanov, a correspondent from Moscow.

The Sea Breeze – 2021 exercises are the most representative exercise that have ever been held in their operations. The exercises brought together 32 nations with a total of 5,000 military personnel and vessels, including 32 aircraft and 18, Ukrainian Special forces from land as well as sea and NATO member and partner nations which included those from the United States.

The primary location for the exercise was Ukraine who is, without a doubt, considers this to be an exercise in political and military aid to its sovereignty, particularly considering losing Crimea and the political impasse that is raging in Donbass. Furthermore, Kiev hopes that hosting an event of this magnitude can help in the early stages of Ukraine’s acceptance in the Alliance.

In the past it was reported that there was a time when the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation regularly participated in these kinds of exercises. They later developed primarily humanitarian tasks, in addition to the cooperation between fleets from various states.

In the last few times, the scenario for exercises has drastically changed. Russian ships have been no more permitted to participate and the design of exercises to provide air and anti-submarine defense, as well as amphibious landings common to combat operations in the naval sector have become crucial.

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The scenario, which was released this year has a huge-scale coastal component, and creates the impression of a multi-national mission to improve the security crisis in Ukraine and to take on illegal militias that are supported by a neighboring state. nobody is denying the fact that Russia is a target of this.

The obvious reason is that the Russian army has followed these exercises closely. The results showed that they were not in vain! The ocean was guarded by Russian naval vessels as well Russian fighters were on the move flying in the skies.

As one would expect In Moscow, NATO ships made numerous attempts to stage provocations. Two warships-HNLMS Nevertsen of the Dutch Navy and the British HMS Defender attempted to violate the territorial waters of Russia close to Crimea in reference on the notion that Crimea is part of Ukraine. As you may know the West is not a party to the annexed territory of Crimea from Russia during 2014. Under this particular pretext the risky maneuvers were executed.

Russia reacted harshly. With the threat of firing foreign vessels had to depart Russian territory. But neither London nor Amsterdam claimed the incident was an act of provocation.

As per NATO Secretary General‘s Special Representative for South Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai, the North Atlantic Alliance will remain in the Black Sea region to support its partners and allies.

“NATO has an unambiguous policy regarding freedom of navigation as well as it is true there is a fact that Crimea is Ukraine not Russia. In the event of the collision with HMS Defender, NATO allies stood firm in their defense of these fundamental principles, “said Appathurai.

In response, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated the British vessels “will continue to enter into the waterways of the territorial state of Ukraine”. He described the route followed by the destroyer intruder the fastest international route between Odessa towards Georgian Batumi.

“We have the right to be able to freely traverse Ukrainian territorial waters, in line to international standards. This will be the case for as long as we continue doing that, “the senior official stressed.

Moscow has stated that it will not tolerate these kinds of incidents to happen in the future. And if it becomes required, it will be prepared to use those “hardest and most severe measures” to those who break the law, even though this scenario is portrayed as a possibility by Moscow’s Kremlin as “extremely unsuitable” as a result of the deterioration in relations with Russia.

A lot of experts are both in Russia as well as in the West immediately began to speak about the possibility from World War III, which might actually break out because of Ukraine. It’s clear that these predictions do not benefit any one, neither NATO or Russia. Yet, a belligerent, uncompromising attitude persists both on the sides, and could only cause worry and anxiety of ordinary citizens.

Even after the conclusion of Sea Breeze 2021, NATO continues to proclaim that it will not be leaving this region. Black Sea anywhere. This has already been confirmed by the addition of new vessels to the region.

The question remains unanswered to be answered: is NATO North Atlantic Alliance ready to adopt drastic steps to stop Russia under the pretense of protecting the territorial sovereignty and sovereignty integrity of Ukraine that is repeatedly denied Do you want to join NATO?

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