Black Sea becomes dangerous confrontation zone because of NATO exercises, Russian diplomat says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Black Sea is turning into a dangerous military confrontation zone, as NATO exercises in the region spark new conflicts, said director of the fourth European department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yuri Pilipson.

“Unfortunately, we have to admit that the Black Sea is in the process of moving from a region of peace and good neighborliness to a zone of dangerous military confrontation. It is absolutely obvious that such exercises provoke conflicts rather than prevent them.” said Pilipson, asked how Exercise Sea Breeze-2021 affects security in the Black Sea region.

Russia will continue to take measures to ensure national security using diplomatic and other instruments, the official said.

“We have repeatedly warned that escalating military-political tensions directly at our borders carries a confrontational charge,” Pilipson added.

The Sea Breeze-2021 military exercise took place in the Black Sea from June 28 to July 10. The main participants were Ukraine, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Latvia. The exercises involved 40 warships, motor boats and auxiliary vessels, 30 units of aircraft equipment and more than 100 units of armored vehicles and vehicles.

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