Abdi: Popular resistance will save Afrin

MSD held a workshop in Martyr Axin Welat Hall in Fafin District of Shehba Township on Turkish and Syrian regimes’ relations with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists and proposals for a democratic Syria. Many politicians and representatives of political parties participated in the workshop.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Commander Mazlum Abdi attended the workshop via Zoom. He drew attention to the targets and approach of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former Al Nusra) mercenaries in Afrin township.

Abdi said: “4 years have passed since the occupation of Afrin. During this time, many developments have taken place in Syria, especially in the occupied areas and Afrin. The invaders have tried to maintain their hegemony in these regions. However, with the resistance, the people of Afrin had a strength of steel.”

Attention drawn to Turkish state projects

Abdi continued, “As the Turkish occupation could not impose its policy on occupied Afrin through mercenary groups, Turkey planned to carry out this policy by bringing Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s mercenaries to these areas. Recently, after the Syrian regime and the Turkish state have become closer, some mercenary groups have seen that this policy does not serve them. The invasion using Hayat Tahrir al-Sham will teach these mercenaries a lesson and warn them that there is an alternative.

Emphasizing that people should know that recent events have changed the positions of the mercenaries, Abdi said: “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is able to carry out its program because they have seen the invasion. They were replaced by other mercenaries who could not make any headway against the SDF fighters.”

“The conspiracy will be defeated. Afrin will be saved’

Abdi continued: “Today, the Turkish occupation is continuing its plans through the al-Qaeda organization represented by Tahrir al-Sham. It is also seeking help in the occupation of other parts of the Syria. However, it seems that the world is fighting terrorism.. This is just deceiving the world and we have to expose it. Afrin was occupied not only by Turkey, but by all the countries of the world through a great conspiracy .”

Noting that the defeat of this conspiracy will be the start of the liberation of Afrin, Abdi said: “We have to prepare the conditions for the liberation of Afrin from Turkish occupation. The most important things are our political and military conditions. We have the power to liberate not only Afrin but all the occupied lands.”

Mazlum Abdi said, “What we need to do now is expose the crimes of the Turkish occupation and take steps to influence national and international powers and parties. This is the basis for the liberation of Afrin from Turkish occupation, but it takes time.

Regarding the approach of the Turkish invasion to the government in Damascus, Abdi said: “The most dangerous thing that the region is going through is the occupation of Syrian regions by Turkey. On the other hand, it is the Turkish attempt to get closer to the government in Damascus. This leads to the division of the Syrian government and makes the Turkish occupation permanent in these regions because there is no reaction.

Abdi continued: “Syria’s future is not to get closer to the Turkish state. Because the Turkish state is trying to invade other parts of Syria and annex its lands, as it did it in Hatay Syria’s future lies in Syria’s interests and self-government, which will bring about stability and security.

The invading Turkish state tried to launch a new attack on the region a few months ago. Erdogan constantly made propaganda for this. But the evidence and the evolution of the political situation did not allow him to carry out these attacks.

Abdi added: “As Turkey did not get approval for the attacks, it was quick to make concessions to the Syrian government and made plans to weaken the SDF and the autonomous administration, but did not achieved no goal”.

Popular resistance will save Afrin

Regarding the historical resistance raised by the residents of Shehba and the neighborhoods of Şêxmeqsûd and Eşrefiye, Abdi said: “These three places are surrounded by the Syrian government, but the inhabitants of the region are resisting. The conditions are very difficult, but their resistance is the guarantee to save Afrin from mercenaries and occupation.”

Abdi said: “Our plans are to alleviate the suffering of people in the region by discussing solutions with the Syrian government or other parties. Thus, our main objective is that the autonomous administration can provide services and improve their living conditions. “

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